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Planning will make the difference!

Are you all grown up and ready to plan your retirement?

Here is what you need to know to get started:

The 3 Phases of Retirement Income Management™ - which phase are you and your money in?

  • Phase 1 - Accumulation
  • Phase 2 - Preservation
  • Phase 3 - Distribution

Phase 1 - The Accumulation Phase: Boomers are moving from Phase 1 of the retirement planning process to Phase 2. In Phase 1, you have focused on your accumulation of assets, building a portfolio for the past 30+ years. Now, as you crossover to Phase 2, the Preservation Phase, you will give your attention to structuring on-going income while still creating growth in your portfolio. This crossover ideally happens between age 55 and 60.

Phase 2 - The Preservation Phase: This is where all your monetary and lifestyle retirement issues need to be reviewed and addressed. You will determine the exact amount of monthly/annual income you will require to meet both your basic monthly income requirements and your lifestyle income requirements. Phase 2 is where you evaluate your investments to be certain that your retirement money is structured in a manner designed to fund your income requirements to last your lifetime.

Phase 3 - The Distribution Phase: You are now retired and you begin to receive income, month after month, year after year. During Phase 3, we continue to monitor your investments to be certain that the suitability and relevance of your product choices continues to be maintained during retirement. Annual reviews are a mandatory requirement to keep current on your investment suitability.

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